Bathroom Plumbing

We ensure a well-functioning bathroom with expert plumbing solutions, addressing issues from leaks to installations with precision and reliability.

Faucet Repair & Replacement

Trust our ATK Services INC. for swift and effective faucet repairs and replacements, restoring functionality and enhancing the aesthetic appeal of your space.

Gas Piping

We are responsible for safeguarding your property with professional gas piping services, expertly installing and maintaining gas lines to ensure safety and optimal performance.

Interior Plumbing

ATK Services INC. offers seamless interior plumbing solutions, providing reliable installations, repairs, and maintenance for a trouble-free plumbing system.

Water Heater

We have years of experience providing reliable water heater services, offering expert installation, maintenance, and repairs to meet your specific needs.

Water Main

We ensure the integrity of your water main, providing expert services from installations to repairs and guaranteeing uninterrupted water supply.

Sewer Installation

Choose ATK Services INC for precise sewer installations, ensuring efficient and reliable systems that meet the unique requirements of your property.

Water Lines

Elevate your water infrastructure with our water line services, delivering tailored installations and efficient repairs to ensure reliable and uninterrupted water service.


We offer professional digging services, utilizing advanced equipment and skilled operators to meet the excavation needs of your project with precision.

Large Landscaping Projects

Transform your landscape with our expertise in large landscaping projects, providing customized solutions for reshaping and enhancing outdoor spaces.

Bobcat Work

Count on us for versatile Bobcat work services, ensuring efficiency and precision in various projects, from grading and excavation to material handling.